I was talking to my boy the other night and started thinking about some of the times I was happiest in the past. I immediately thought of one particular instance when I was in my dad’s basement, in his office, on his computer, with my business partner Villian on his laptop, on top of a speaker, with nowhere to really put his knees. And we would work on graphics. Mixing video and web design. We didn’t care if we looked corny or cool. We just knew we loved it and it was fun. And we were nerds, and we loved it.

That’s where I learned more and started taking my green screen to the next level. We built an award winning website. And were super excited when a blog from France picked it up. I remember seeing the article and not knowing a word of what it said because it was all French. It was like the coolest thing ever.
During those times, we would stay up becoming best friends with the moon. We would put on VH1 and watch music videos, until the morning shows would come on. We watched so many videos, we created a game. We listed the names of like 6 videos each, and cross off when that video played. Whoever’s 6 videos they picked played first, won. I used to watch those videos and say, man, I can’t wait to work on those. That was when videos were heavily inspired by After Effects.
You fast forward and look at the things you have now. Nice place in LA, my own work station, some certified credits, nominations for music videos. And of course, I feel like I’m only a fraction of the full potential. But you look back and say, man, them were some cool times. The thing is, it’s not like we took it for granted. Those were some cool moments, and we knew it too.
Much love to my dad for making the sacrifice and allowing us to be creative. Never stop striving to reach your goals, but please, by all means, enjoy the journey.