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Remember When…

I was talking to my boy the other night and started thinking about some of the times I was happiest in the past. I immediately thought of one particular instance when I was in my dad’s basement, in his office, on his computer, with my business partner Villian on his laptop, on top of a speaker, with nowhere to really put his knees. And we would work on graphics. Mixing video and web design. We didn’t care if we looked corny or cool. We just knew we loved it and it was fun. And we were nerds, and we loved it.
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Sevyn Streeter Releases Instagram Themed “Shoulda Been There” Fan Video

In July, JR Strickland was called upon to create a lyric video for Sevyn Streeter ft B.o.B’s single “Shoulda Been There.” The video co-written by Strickland and Max Blum showed the destruction of one relationship and the birth of a new one through the eyes of social media. Following the success of the video, Sevyn Streeter asked for a follow-up that included her fans.

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